People live and work in unexpected ways in Rhinelander. See how these individuals found success on the unbeaten path.

  • Jaron Childs
      Jaron Childs Artist/Portrait Restoration

      Pictured above: Marsh, Oil On Panel

      For almost 30 years, Jaron has been painting. And, he makes his living at it. “I have always made art, but I would say that it was my maternal grandmother who made the idea that one could make a living from art seem possible,” says Jaron. “She was a porcelain painter and taught porcelain painting. She always supported and encouraged my interest in art.”

      He has exhibited in solo and group shows in the U.S., the U.K., Italy, and Germany, including a solo show at the Minneapolis Institute of Art in 2014. As an artist he makes photorealist oil paintings and looser, moodier, watercolors that are based on photos.

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    • Jayme Wyss
        Jayme Wyss Triathlete/Blogger

        There are athletes. There are competitive triathletes. Then, there are nationally competitive triathletes like Jayme Wyss.

        In 2011, Jayme bought her triathlon bike and within three years she qualified for Team USA, which led her to compete in two World Championships. Jayme scored even more toughness points by having two children with her husband, Andy, during those years of competition in 2013 and 2015 while also jump-starting a successful blog, Tri Mommy Tri. “I started competing in triathlons as a competitive outlet,” explains Jayme. “I started writing about my experiences of competing and training during my first pregnancy after I gave birth to my healthy baby girl.”

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      • Jenny Bonardelli
          Jenny Bonardelli Engineering Service Coordinator/Architect

          How does it feel to go from working in LA for 15 years performing architectural work at a high-end residential design/build office to working in Rhinelander? For Jenny Bonardelli, it’s an experience of gratitude. Since 2012 she’s worked at Nicolet College in the Facilities Department where her skills are utilized maintaining and remodeling the campus as required.

          “I consider my employer to be one of the best in the region and feel lucky to have landed my role there,” she explains. “Rhinelander is quite fortunate to have a higher educational facility within its reach. One of the biggest advantages to working in Rhinelander is housing costs coupled with ease of commute.”

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