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We (Forward Rhinelander), as engaged citizens, bridge the community – creating alignments in sensible goals for the betterment and improvement of the community of Rhinelander in the areas of economic growth, housing, downtown revitalization, workforce development, and natural resources/land use. Our aim is to perpetuate sustainable vitality by encouraging involvement, accountability, and creating attainable solutions for Rhinelander’s attractiveness and differentiation for residents and visitors to live, work, and play.


Set a vision for the Rhinelander area over the next 20 years so that it may stay a competitive, vibrant, and enjoyable place to live for all community members. Our mission is to position Rhinelander to be on the cutting edge in the state of Wisconsin so that it attracts new families and provides a high quality of life and comfortable living wage for all residents. We will focus our efforts on setting Rhinelander apart from other Northern Wisconsin communities in a positive way by enacting progressive civic and community policies and programs, supporting its school system, and keeping its businesses competitive in the 21st century.

guiding principles

In all work conducted by the City of Rhinelander, its business community, local nonprofits and civic organizations, and by Forward Rhinelander, we feel the following Guiding Principles should be used in making decisions that impact the future of Rhinelander:

  • Value communities and neighborhoods
    • Enhance the unique characteristics of all communities by investing in healthy, safe, and walkable neighborhoods. Pursue opportunities to integrate the artistic character and personality of the community into all new developments.
  • Enhance economic competitiveness
    • Improve economic competitiveness through reliable and timely access to employment centers, educational opportunities, services, and other basic needs by workers, as well as expanded business access to markets.
  • Provide more transportation choices
    • Develop safe, reliable, and economical transportation choices to decrease household dependence on automobiles for transportation or access to recreation. Develop easily accessible trails and recreation opportunities to promote public health and community connections.
  • Promote equitable, affordable housing
    • Expand location- and energy-efficient housing choices for people of all ages, incomes, races, and ethnicities to increase mobility and lower the combined cost of housing and transportation.
  • Support existing communities
    • Promote existing communities through strategies like transit-oriented, mixed-use development, and land recycling to increase community revitalization and the efficiency of public works investments and safeguard rural landscapes.


Bringing community partners together to pool resources and work towards a common vision is the ultimate goal of Forward Rhinelander. Organizations, businesses, and individuals are all invited to participate. It is our partners that make us strong.

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Courthouse photo by Warren Lynn. Used with Permission; all rights reserved.

Hodag Football photo by TMK Photography. Used with Permission; all rights reserved.

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